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The Shoe Radio With Miles Schuman – NAMM 2018: Stu Hamm (of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and more!)

Teenage radio host Miles “The Shoe” Schuman ventured out to Anaheim, California for his fifth year as the youngest press person at the NAMM Show. Shoe stopped by to chat with legendary bassist Stu Hamm of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and solo fame. Stu discusses what college age Vai was like, among a range of other interesting subjects! Check it out now! Listen to “NAMM 2018: Stu Hamm (of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and more!)” on Spreaker.

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Make Weird Music – Share: Panzerballett’s “X-mas Death Jazz” (feat. Majura, Eklundh, Keneally, and Zehrfeld)

We are thrilled and stunned to present one mega-video featuring interviews with Jan Zehrfeld of Panzerballett, Mattias IA Eklundh of Freak Kitchen, Jen Majura of Evanescence, and Mike Keneally of Frank Zappa/Joe Satriani/Steve Vai. “X-mas Death Jazz” is Panzerballett’s new album and, if you ask us, one of the top albums of the year. Each artist talks us through the album and what it took to record it. Hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Sixx Sense – My Favorite Riff with Nikki Sixx: Steve Vai

Legendary shredder and melter of faces, Steve Vai, talks about the mentoring he received from Frank Zappa, his favorite Led Zeppelin songs and more on this episode of My Favorite Riff, our video series where some of the world’s greatest guitar and bass players, along with future stars, talk about music, gear, and most importantly, riffs.

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Metal Wani – YNGWIE MALMSTEEN on UK Gig, Future of Guitar Playing & Touring With Zakk Wylde & Steve Vai (2017)

Metal Wani’s Editor In Chief Owais ‘Vitek’ Nabi and Tanushree Chatterjee had a chat with guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen. He discusses the 4 decades long journey, upcoming gig in London after more than a decade, fan expectations, why it took many years in the making in-order to return to the UK, live response to ongoing “The World On Fire” touring cycle and his take on venues around the world where audience reciprocates most of his style of music. He talks about The Generation Axe Tour with Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde,…

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Vegas Rocks Magazine – NAMM 2017 with SALLY STEELE!

Sally Steele and were on hand once again for all the excitement of NAMM 2017! Check out this video with appearances by Billy Bob Thornton, Lita Ford, Tommy Thayer, Mick Thompson, Michael Anthony, Dave Ellefson, Carmine Appice, Steve Vai and many more!

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Guitar Center – Steve Vai for HEAROS Ear Plugs

Steve Vai drops by Guitar Center to speak on the importance of hearing protection. In 1992, Doug Pick, an avid ear plug user and concert photographer, identified that a comfortable, high quality ear plug wasn’t available. After exhaustive research and development, Pick decided to change the market by creating the HEAROS brand and set out on a mission to offer his premium ear plugs to ears around the world. Today, having sold more than 200 million pairs of ear plugs, HEAROS is recognized by ear plug users as the brand…

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EytschPi42 – Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive (Vai Pedal) – in a produced Track

This was a serious task… This pedal gives you the Vai sound, so you you have to produce a track that sounds like him… but who can play like that? nobody… So I tried to get my shred out… I suck at it… so here is an estimation of what you can do with it… just imagine better playing and more melodic phrasing. This is recorded with an Eventide H9 behind the pedal, going straight into a Two Notes Torpedo CAB

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