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Ghost Cult Magazine – Marc Lopes Talks Let Us Prey And Ross The Boss

Ghost Cult editor Keefy caught up with Marc Lopes of Let Us Prey and Ross The Boss at Fete Music Hall, in Providence RI where we talked about all of Marc’s bands, playing in front of 70,000 at Wacken Open Air, and the new Ross The Boss album. Photos and videography by Omar Cordy and Heather Wilkerson.

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Metal Express Radio – Ross The Boss explaining band’s name change

Mick Burgess chatted to Ross The Boss during Manitoba NYC’s recent UK tour where he spoke of the reason for changing the name of the band from Dictators NYC as well as the prospect of new music. He also talked of his time in Manowar and whether he’d perform with them for one last time on their farewell tour.

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Total Rock Radio – Ross the Boss gets the ‘Global Metal Ambassador’ award at Wacken

Ross the Boss was awarded the Hall Of Heavy Metal History’s Global Metal Ambassador in front of a packed Wacken crowd today. Conducting the ceremony were Whitney Ribbins from TotalRock and Steve Goldby of Metaltalk.net. The Hall Of Heavy Metal History supports the work of the Drums and Disabilities music therapy program.

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Joel Gausten – Ross the Boss: Still Fighting the World

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Joel: What’s up with Rhino? Why was the drummer change made for this current version of the band? We were sad to find out that there were some physical problems; he just needed to take some time off. We all wish him the best and hope he gets better. What makes Lance a good fit for the band? First of all, he has already played an incredible bunch of shows with me. He was the original drummer in the Keep It…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 134 – Joe Stump, Ross The Boss and Tom Potter of Gundriver

During episode 134 we interview the shred lord Joe Stump, Dictators NYC and Death Dealer guitarist Ross The Boss, and finally Tom Potter of the band Gundriver. http://marsattacksradio.com/Interviews/Mars_Attacks_Podcast_134.mp3 Follow Mars Attacks Radio And Podcast: Facebook Twitter Google+ Tumblr iTunes Stitcher RSS

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One On One With Lafon – Episode 168 – Ross The Boss Of Death Dealer

Death Dealer’s Ross The Boss joins Mitch on Episode 168 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. In the episode’s only interview guitarist Ross The Boss discusses Death Dealer’s new album ‘Hallowed Ground’, The Dictators, his time with Manowar, shares his thoughts about Joey DeMaio and much more.

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Guitcast – Episode 41 – Ross The Boss of Death Dealer/The Dictators/Manowar

On Episode 41 of The GuitCast we talk Gibson’s 2016 lineup, Guitar World Magazine’s readers poll and how not to clean a guitar. We review ‘660 Guitars and talk with Ross the Boss From Death Dealer/The Dictators http://static1.squarespace.com/static/54cd5f4ce4b0143a4bf3168b/t/563fee65e4b0a20ebbed81a7/1447030373003/GuitCast+Ep.+41.mp3

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Nataliez World – Ross The Boss Of Death Dealer

Natalie Perez recently interviewed Dictator NYC and Death Dealer guitarist Ross The Boss. Here is an excerpt: How would you say that “Warmaster” compares, differs, and evens out to “Hallowed Ground”? Ross: Well Warmaster being our debut I would say it showed our songwriting at the beginning of our band. Hallowed Ground being the natural progression. Both CDs are to me great works but I would say that Sean has his best vocal performances ever. Without a doubt the best singer in metal today. Do you remember the very first…

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The Classic Metal Show – Ross The Boss, Gary Numan, And Michael Wilton

Here are The Classic Metal Show podcasts for October 5th, 2015 Interview with Death Dealer guitarist Ross The Boss. Ross called in to talk about the band’s latest, Hallowed Ground. In this classic from 2009, Shadoe Steele interviews Gary Numan for the Madpod Podcast…or is it? Interview with Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton. Wilton was interviewed in person just before their gig at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 125 – Classic Albums – Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry

Episode 125 focuses on Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry. The podcast contains some of the usual suspects that have joined us during the sixth year celebration, Alan Tecchio of Level Fields, the guys from Corners Of Sanctuary, Dave Reffett, Josh Christian of Toxik, Stu Marshall and Jeff Martin of Blasted To Static, shredder Joe Stump, fellow New Yorker Ross The Boss of Death Dealer, Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, former Dee Snider pen pal Gene Hoglan, Jason McMaster of Broken Teeth, Carl Canedy of The Rods, from the Howard Stern Show,…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 124 – Classic Albums – Kiss – Kiss

Episode 124 of the Mars Attacks Podcast continues its Classic Albums series, this time around we focus on the 1974 self-titled debut by Kiss. This episode contains interviews from a bunch of different musicians, show hosts, and journalist. Among those you will hear are Roch from Radioactive Metal, Chris and Aaron from the Decibel Geek Podcast, Mitch Lafon of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Racer X’s Jeff Martin, author Marin Popoff, Josh Christian of Toxik, Carl Canedy of The Rods, former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover, Joe Stump, Iced Earth’s…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 122 – Classic Albums – Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise

Episode 122 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on Anthrax’s Sound Of White Noise. Not only will you be able to hear several current and former members of the band discuss the album, but you’ll be able to read a Q&A interview with former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook on www.marsattacksardio.com. During the podcast you’ll hear current members of the band Charlie Benante and Frank Bello discuss the album. You’ll also hear former lead singer, and vocalist on the album John…

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