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The Metal Voice – Andy LaRocque King Diamond Interview – Talks LIVE DVD, NEW Album update & His Studio

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to King Diamond’s guitarist Andy Larocque. Larocque gave an update on the progress of the bands new live DVD and the writing of the new King Diamond Album. Andy LaRocque also talks about how he joined King Diamond, his thoughts on recordings metal classics as Fatal Portrait, Abigail, Them and Conspiracy as well the departure of former Mercyful Fate members Michael Denner and Tim Hansen from King Diamond band.

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Growin Up Rock Podcast – We Sold Our Soul’s For RnR – EP018

On this Halloween Spooktacular Episode, Sonny and Steve discuss some of their growin’ up rock stories centering around Halloween and the witching season. We talk scary album covers, scary songs, scary bands and selling our soul for Rock N Roll. We look funny in and out of costume, but holding up kids for their bags of candy is just a small part of Helloween, least we not forget all the killer Rock n Roll that goes along with it. Grab a peanut butter cup and a candy bar and turn…

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 465: Flash Out The Jams

Canadian crusty grinders FLASH OUT may not be on the tip of the brain of the majority of extreme Metallers. That tide should turn soon enough as they’re pounding the pavement more than ever to get the underground’s attention. To Live A Lie Records picked up their latest EP then took their act on the road. Upon their return home, we caught up with boys at their jam space as they spilt their guts. We discussed the aforementioned Death Dealer EP and all the debauchery at the recent Maryland Death Fest. In…

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The Void AU – Jessica Pimentel (Orange is the New Black) Interview: Alekhine’s Gun, Meshuggah & King Diamond

Orange is the New Black actress Jessica Pimentel (who plays Maria Ruiz on the show) is also an accomplished heavy metal musician and lyricist with her band Alekhine’s Gun. In this interview with host Christina Rowatt she explores her OITNB character Maria’s story, how growing up in the New York hardcore scene shaped her attitude, how King Diamond’s Conspiracy terrified her and planted the seed to turn a violinist into a death metal vocalist, what’s next for her band, meeting her match in iconic Swedish melodic death metal band Meshuggah’s…

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No Control Radio – Replay 10/28/16 – Halloween

Halloween is the perfect holiday for those of us into metal, the textures and sounds lend themseleve to such a dark and spooky time of year. It just seems natural to provide the evil soundtrack to your Hallow’s Eve, and I think this weeks episode was another great one. Requested tunes from Fantomas, Lamb of God, Morbid Angel, Emperor, Slayer, and Halloween exclusives like King Diamond, Helloween, Mastodon, Eat My Pumpkin, ToxicxEternity and more! So sit back throw on the show and celebrate the scary season with NO CONTROL! [embedded…

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Iron-Cast – Episode 54 – Episodes from the Crypt, Part III – Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath

Check out the latest episode of Iron-Cast and their album discussion based podcast below. October 15th, 2016 Iron-Cast continues our series of “Episodes from the Crypt”, where we delve into the darker side of life… death, goth, horror and the occult. So far, we brought you death and goth, and this week we’re bringing you horror in the form of the 1984 sophomore release by Mercyful Fate, “Don’t Break the Oath”. This album has been considered a landmark album and has been one of the more influential albums for the…

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Rock & Metal Combat Podcast – Episode 112 King Diamond Fatal Portrait

  Check out the latest episode of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast below. Ian and Ralph, better known as Wadzilla and Dr. Fukk bring you conversations about albums, bands, movies, and anything else that they may want to touch upon, in a manner you will surely never hear of from anyone else. Sit back and enjoy. King Diamond Fatal Portrait

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 414: Fn’ J

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM are one of those legendary underground outfits that we feel never really got their fair shake. F&J (to their friends) go back to the beginnings of the thrash scene and should be spoken in the same breath of some of their contemporaries. With the release of their kick ass new self-titled record, we decided it was time to right some wrongs. Axeman Michael Gilbert is an original member and has been the heart and soul of the outfit for the past thirty years. Getting the man on the horn,…

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Metal Tavern Radio – Sloshed & Moshed (feat Dj Anubis & Dj Missy) Do you like Beer and Wine? Do you like Metal? Have you ever stop to think what your favorite song would be paired up with regarding your choice of alcohol? Tune in and find out! Metal Tavern Radio © Website: click here for rss Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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The Jasta Show – Episode 166 – Brian Slagel (Founder of Metal Blade Records)

In this episode I am joined by Brian Slagel (Founder of Metal Blade Records). We discuss vinyl, Candiria, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Metallica, Armored Saint, Metalblade, Chris Santos, Goo Goo Dolls, publishing, TV, As I Lay Dying, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Ghost, Spotify, Cannibal Corpse, and lead times in releasing records. This episode features Eyes Alive by Turbid North.  

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Louder Noise – First Band Name

Members of Halestorm, King Diamond, Hellyeah, The Devil Wears Prada, Killswitch Engage, Slayer, Sworn In, Nothing More, Shattered Sun, Whitechapel, and Sister Sin tell us the (often embarrassing) names of their first bands.

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The Guardian – King Diamond

Kim Kelly has interviewed the former Mercyful Fate frontman for British publication, here is an excerpt: Of course King Diamond’s house is haunted. Given his status as one of the most enduring figures in heavy metal horror, it’s fitting that the Danish musician would have a few skeletons lurking in his closet. He seems utterly unconcerned about his uninvited house guests, too; according to the King (née Kim Petersen), he’s been witnessing paranormal phenomena since he was very young, and casually chats about otherworldly experiences that seem ripped straight from…

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The Autopsy Report Dead Tapes Metal Radio Show – November 2nd – 9th 2015

Well hello boils and ghouls and welcome to the Dead Tapes Hallow’een party!

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Noisey – Back And Forth – Kerry King Of Slayer And King Diamond

Two titans in the world of heavy music, Kerry King of Slayer and King Diamond of Mercyful Fate and solo artist fame, sit down in our latest episode of the Back & Forth series. Watch the two go into full nerd out mode over how they got into heavy metal, making instruments out of rubber bands, and carving logos into flesh.

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