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The Kiss Room – PodKISSt #151 – The Road to the Vault Experience

When the Gene Simmons Vault was announced in the Fall of 2017, PodKISSt listener Andrew Jacobs asked a question on the show’s Facebook page: “Ken, will you be reviewing the new box set?” Given the cost and the possibility of it happening, Ken shrugged it off. But his listeners and friends did not. Christine Wolfe, in true KISS fashion, did more than talk about something; she DID it – Christine started a GoFundMe campaign to “Get A Vault for the Podfather,”and she set about promoting it to friends and listeners…

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 492: Major League Metal

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover because Rich Bocchini is more metal than you! He’s the voice of MLW, Fest Wrestling, DEFY, Wrestle Circus and has two podcasts, the MLW flagship show and The JJ Dillon Show. Whew… we thought WE were busy! You may also remember him from his time in WWE as “Rich Brennan” on NXT and Smackdown. Rich is a metalhead through and through, being a fan since he was a kid and playing in bands for years. We have a fun chat about metal in general…

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 267 Three Sides on the Side… Gene Simmons Sits Down with Us and Answers the Questions

Episode 267, January 23, 2018. While in Detroit to personally hand deliver the Gene Simmons Vault to his fans, Gene Simmons sat down with the KISS podcast Three Sides of the Coin. During this 20 minute conversation with Three Sides of the Coin cohost Mark Cicchini Gene discusses his massive Gene Simmons Vault Box Set, including why it took so long for the three songs featuring Alex and Eddie Van Halen to finally be released. Gene addresses a couple historical questions that KISS fans have been wondering about for decades;…

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Classic Episode – Gene Simmons (Lead Singer – KISS) – Kiss-Ino

Since Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson are away on Shiprocked this week we are re-releasing one of our favorite classic episodes with Gene Simmons of KISS! Lead singer of KISS and Rock God, Gene Simmons joins Ralph and Zac Amico (sitting in for Jay) in studio this week for an episode that is instantly a classic! Ralph admits to an embarrassing story having to do with Gene, Gene and Zac have a Michael Jackson joke battle, everyone admits the longest they’ve ever gone without sex, and plenty more funny…

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 264 Three Sides on the Side, Inside the First Gene Simmons Vault Experience

Episode 27, January 23, 2018. Three Sides on the Side, Jay Gilbert Official Photographer for the Gene Simmons Vault Experience. Jay shares how he became the official photographer. Videotaping Gene at his home as he called fans. The entire day long Vault experience in Los Angeles. What were some of the special additional one of a kind Gene Simmons items in each Vault… so many stories! Video Version: Audio Version:

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Kiss My Wax TV – Keith Valcourt from Rhino Records & The Gene Simmons Vault

Keith Valcourt, global project manager for Rhino Records, joins us on this episode to discuss all things Gene Simmons Vault. We get into everything they have learned after the first experience in L.A. and much, much more. We had a great time having Keith on and we hope you all enjoy the episode as well! Tons of inside info on this one!

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The Classic Metal Show – Gene Simmons. Gene Just Being Gene

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons demands that a journalist remove his Iron Maiden T-Shirt before interviewing him and the band Listen to “Gene Simmons. Gene Just Being Gene” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Talking Metal – TM 718 Eric Singer

On this special episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl and Ian McCurdy interview Kiss drummer Eric Singer. We cover his career and also talk about Kiss and the new Ronnie Montrose album 10×10. Listen to “TM 718 Eric Singer” on Spreaker.

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 256 Rise To It Video, What the F**K were Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Thinking?

We kick off this week’s episode discussing the harassment claims against Gene Simmons. We more into our primary topic… the Rise To It video. What the f**k were they thinking with this video? Did Gene and Paul even care about doing it right or was this just a quick grab at getting some media attention? There was so much wrong with the costumes. What could have been so cool turned out to be so bad. Video Version: Audio Version:

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The Cassius Morris Show – TCMS: 077 Music & News

This week, Cassius spins different genres of music in between talk and news segments. Topics discussed include Gene Simmons’ shocking new statement on former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent and, James Hetfield admitting he wasn’t “100% into” Metallica’s “LOAD” era, Cassius’ birthday strip club experience and more.

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