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Drumeo – Gavin Harrison’s Paradiddle Challenge

A couple years ago Dave Atkinson was at Gavin Harrison’s drum clinic where he learned Gavin’s paradiddle challenge. We couldn’t find any traces of the challenge online, so we knew we had to ask him about it when he came to Drumeo. This challenge is definitely a tricky one, so make sure you’re comfortable with each step before adding the next into the routine! Your limb independence will most definitely be put to the test.

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Lesson Prog Rock Video Podcast 

Drumeo – Gavin Harrison: The Sound Of Muzak Groove – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

“The Sound Of Muzak” is a song by the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree that features one of Gavin Harrison’s most iconic drum beats. Lead vocalist Steven Wilson originally programmed it on a drum machine and passed it over to Gavin to have his way with. After some hi hat changes and some ghost note additions, we have the finished product. Enjoy as Gavin plays the groove along with the actual track!

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Jazz Lesson Video Podcast 

Drumeo – Gavin Harrison: How To Create Amazing Drum Parts (FULL DRUM LESSON) – Drumeo

Arguably the most requested drummer by our viewers, Gavin Harrison is here at Drumeo to share his tips and methods for coming up with tasteful drum parts, how to improve your creativity, and your general mindset when playing the drums whether in the studio or performing live. This hour-long lesson is jammed full of incredible drumming knowledge, so pay attention! He also plays several tracks from his solo project “Cheating the Polygraph”, as well as a track from The Pineapple Thief.

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