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Decibel Geek TV – Decibel Geek Podcast: Konversation With Big John Harte

This video episosde of the Decibel Geek Podcast goes back into the archives for our conversation with the head of security for KISS from 1975-1983. You’ll see vintage video clips and rare pics from John’s years of protecting the hottest band in the world from overzealous fans to the many photographers trying to capture a picture of the members unmasked without their makeup. Hear his facinating stories of what it was like to work for the band from their humble beginnings as an opening band to mega-stardom as the most…

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The Kiss Room – 2018 – #3 – March

Matt Porter chats with: * the legendary Big-John Harte about his new book! * Anthony DeLucia Jr from ALIVE! ’75 * special guests Judy and Eric Wisniewski * plus a set of deep cuts from THE KISS ROOM HOUSE BAND™ (Fran Galanti, Steve Campagna, and Jim Zagiel) with Chris Ann Colvin on the cowbell http://podkisst.com/audio/TKR20180309.mp3

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 272 Big John Harte Former Head of Security for KISS Shares His Stories

Episode 272, March 6, 2018. This week we are joined by the legend, Big John Harte! Big John was head of KISS security and is famous for being the man who would stick his hand in the face of photographers trying to take pictures of KISS without makeup. Of course John did much, much more than making sure nobody took a picture of KISS out of makeup and we talk with him about all of the various things he did for KISS. John also talks about his soon to be…

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Ages Of Rock – Episode 110 – On the Phone with Big John Harte

This week we do a Skype phone call with Big John Harte and talk about his work with Kiss, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, and Prince. We also talk about John’s upcoming book and let you know how you can get it. http://traffic.libsyn.com/agesofrock/Episode_110_-_On_the_Phone_with_Big_John_Harte.mp3

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PodKisst – THE KISS ROOM – OCTOBER 13, 2017

KISS ARMY – kick off the Halloween season in THE KISS ROOM! Hosted by Matt Porter and Bobby Dreher, we are talking to: Super Fan Andy Moyen and Joe D’Angelo about THE GATHERING II, happening in New Orleans prior to the KISS Kruise! We chat with David Donley from THE VENUS REACTION and debut their new single, “Crashing Up”. THE KISS ROOM HOUSE BAND™ delivers a great Halloween themed set, live in the studio! Author Tony Mann calls in to talk about the book he is writing with Big John…

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