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Amps & Axes Podcast – #222 – Courtney Cox

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! Cast Fans and welcome to yet another installment of the Amps and Axes Podcast. In this episode the guys bring you the third player of this all girl band Ms. Courtney Cox from the Iron Maidens. During her interview we of course find out her history in the music business but we also here about her gear… Freidman Amps and pedals along with Caparison Guitars.

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Interview Metal Thrash Video Podcast 

Robb’s Metal Works – Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance)

Robb Chavez has interviewed the band for Robbs MetalWorks, check the interview out below. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many GREAT & LEGENDARY guitarists during my tenure; each who brought their own unique style, personality & character into our chat. On March 8th, 2018 I had the extreme pleasure of working with one of the most humble, cordial & versatile guitarists in heavy music in Mr. Chris Broderick of Act Of Defiance! (ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Nevermore & ex-Megadeth). He went in-depth to share about when AoD actually formed, the…

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Album Discussion Audio Podcast Hard Rock Metal 

Rock & Metal Combat Podcast – Episode 200 Judas Priest Firepower Plus Black Heiron

  Check out the latest episode of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast below. Ian and Ralph, better known as Wadzilla and Dr. Fukk bring you conversations about albums, bands, movies, and anything else that they may want to touch upon, in a manner you will surely never hear of from anyone else. Sit back and enjoy. Judas Priest Firepower Plus Black Heiron

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Hard Rock Interview Video Podcast 

Metal Wani – EUROPE’s Joey Tempest on Australian Tour, ‘Walk The Earth’, Lyrics & 12 Year Long Hiatus (2018)

Ahead of their very first performances in Australia, Metal Wani’s Jake Patton was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to the enigmatic voice behind Europe – Mr Joey Tempest – to discuss the upcoming tour, their latest album “Walk The Earth”, and how the band has continued to achieve further success following their twelve year hiatus.

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Album Discussion Audio Podcast Hip-Hop 

The Ongoing History Of New Music – The 90s Part 5a: Hip-Hop’s Effects Part 1

There are some things you should never mix…oil and water…nitro and glycerin…tequila and—well, it’s not a good idea to mix tequila with anything other than salt, lemon and maybe some fruit juice… They used to say this about rock and rap music, too…and they were pretty adamant about that… When rap and hip-hop started seeping into the mainstream in the middle 1980s, it immediately polarized people…those who didn’t (or refused) to get it, were aggressively dismissive of what rap brought to the table… “that’s not rap…it’s crap!” …. “this isn’t…

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Gear Video Podcast 

Premier Guitar – Review Demo – Todd Sharp Amps JOAT 20 Combo

What would you expect from an amp named JOAT—an acronym for “Jack of All Tone?” I’d imagine some bloated monstrosity overloaded with cascading channels, switchable tube configurations, and an appalling number of knobs and switches. You know, something that promises the sounds of everything from a Fender Champ to a Bogner Uberschall, while never sounding as cool as either.

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