Our Mission

The site started out covering mainly hard rock and metal podcasts, but has since evolved into covering various other types of music, musical gear demos, lessons, wrestling podcasts, sci-fi, musicians that prepare recipes or chefs interested in music, as well as tv and movies based podcasts. We cover both audio and video shows, and are constantly adding new sources.

The idea for the site started out as a supplement to all of the big music news sites. Since there are thousands of shows available on the net, it is nearly impossible for these sites cover all of the shows, or places where your favorite artists are interviewed, or when a gear demo, or music show is released. The site is intended to help draw attention to shows that would otherwise go unnoticed, and are put together by hard working podcasters from all over the world. This site is here to give voices to the voiceless, and sprinkle them in with well known shows, so as to help cross promote every show possible.

The site has been setup so as to help visitors easily perform a search in a headache free manner. You can search the style of music that interests you the most, a specific artist you’re a fan of, a show host, your favorite TV show, or anything else we might cover.

The bottom line is to help spread the word about podcasting.