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Radioactive Metal – Episode 497: No Cure for Metal

Progressive NY death metallers UNCURED are a unique story. Generally our Creature Feature segments are reserved for established veterans on reputable labels with larger followings. Uncured though are unsigned and basically doing it D.I.Y. One just would never know it. With their extensive touring and promotion, they appear to be the blueprint of a big label’s promotions.  Three quarters of the line up are barely into their 20s but accented by veteran DIECAST bassist Jon Kita! So when Uncured came through town recently supporting the mighty SOULFLY we had to get the 411. We discussed the…

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The Classic Metal Show – New York City A Liberal Run Shit Hole

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio has increased the budget for dealing with the unfettered homeless problem to a tune of 2.6 Billion Dollars annually Listen to “New York City A Liberal Run Shit Hole” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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The Classic Metal Show – Interview with W.E.T.’s Erik Mårtensson 2018

Interview with W.E.T. and Eclipse vocalist/bassist Erik Mårtensson. Mårtensson called in to talk about the new release EARTHRAGE from W.E.T., as well as a lot of other topics. Listen to “Interview with W.E.T.’s Erik Mårtensson 2018” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Talk Is Jericho – Sami Callihan Against The World

Sami Callihan is the most controversial name in professional wrestling right now!  He’s got a huge chip on his shoulder. He’s pissed off, and he’s telling everyone why on TIJ! He’s got plenty to say about nearly costing Eddie Edwards his eye after smashing him in the face in the ring with a baseball bat. Yes, it was a horrible accident, but why isn’t Sami showing more remorse for what happened? You’ll find out. Plus, you’ll hear why he left WWE, what he’s doing for season 4 of Lucha Underground,…

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Bridget Everett (Comedian/Actress) – What I Gotta Do

This week Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson are joined by comedian, actress and burlesque performer Bridget Everett and discuss dick pics, the LOS family portrait, fan contributions, meet and greets, Bridget’s start at Karaoke bars, Bridget getting in trouble for show content, picking participants from the crowd, reasons for getting into comedy, Jay peeing his pants, Dildohead Dickleratoin, Firsts and so much more!

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Appetite For Distortion – Ep. 51 – Alex Grossi, Quiet Riot / Hookers N’ Blow

Making his 2nd appearance on the AFD Show is Alex Grossi, guitarist for Quiet Riot and Hookers N’ Blow (along w/ Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed). Alex is back to update us on the latest tour dates with Hookers N’ Blow, contributions to the new Dizzy Reed solo album, his cell phone “controversy,” Adler’s Appetite, and possibly buying a DeLorean. This, and so much more!

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Metal Injection – Livecast #454 – Hefty Nuggets with U.S. Olympic Bobsledder Carlo Valdes

This week we had an awesome chat with U.S. Olympic bobsledder and noted metalhead Carlo Valdes. Carlo tells us about his experience in PyeongChang, we really get into bobsledding discussion and talk about some metal, and learned so much. Rob also talks about the experience of adopting his new dog Babka. Noa talks about her recent dance lessons. We play some reggaeton, hip hop and a ton of fun mashups and we learn what Clown Core is.

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Pods & Sods Network – Gun Violence In Music – 21 Lives and 516 Years Gone

In this very special episode, we’re joined by more than a dozen of our friends from the podcast community for a retrospective of all those musical greats lost as a result of gun violence. Some of these stories involve domestic abuse, suicide, robbery, murder, but all of them are stories of gun violence. A gun in every single one of these scenarios turned a moment of crisis or crime into a fatality. Irreversible. Join the fight for common sense gun reform today by texting JOIN to 64433.

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Rock Solid – LIVE All Request Episode with The Listeners

This episode was recorded LIVE at the Rock Solid/On The Page Studios in front of an intimate crowd of listeners and friends! The following people took a turn at the mic and fun was had by all! Participants include… Christy Stratton, David Guitierrez, Carrie Scott, Murray Valeriano, Jessica Welsh, West Anthony, Leigh Ann Magier, Mike Siegel, Tom Neuerberg, Patrick Dupuis, Pilar Alessandra, Gage Agnew, Nichol Del Barrio, Mike Schmidt, Aaron Lowe, Amy Lehman, Mario Del Barrio + Pat and Kyle!

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The Classic Metal Show – Germany & Sweden Crack Down On Immigration

Both Sweden’s Stefan Löfven and Germany’s Angela Merkel finally admit President Trump was right about craking down on out of control illegal immigration when they experience high crime rates in their respective countries. Listen to “Germany & Sweden Crack Down On Immigration” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 143 Elijah Witt (Cane Hill)

Elijah Witt of Cane Hill graces the Talk Toomey Podcast this week. Elijah and I talk about their rise to being the kings of modern Nu Metal. Touring with Devildriver, Atreyu and Light the Torch and what those singers taught him. We learn that his brother is Phil Anslemo’s banker. We discuss the latest album “Too Far Gone”. Elijah also takes us on a journey through the ICP tour they opened. He also let’s us know the backstory of “It Follows” and discusses the upcoming Butcher Babies/ Nonpoint tour. Robb…

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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 055: Judas Priest with James Rolfe of Cinemassacre – Discography Discussion

On Tuesday March 13th, James Rolfe of Cinemassacre attended the first concert of Judas Priest’s Firepower tour. He was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss the concert as well as all things Judas Priest, including a lot of talk about the new album Firepower. Enjoy! PRIEST!!!!!!!

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The Great Albums Podcast – Liner Notes – Martin Shkreli, Wu-Tang Clan, Live Songs, Best 90s Guitar Solos

Bill hangs out at Brian’s pad for a change as we talk about Martin Shkreli’s conviction and what it means for that one of a kind Wu-Tang Album, read some listener emails about definitive live versions of songs, and visit Facebook to debate the best guitar solos of the 90s! Make sure to check out Lowlight’s latest single, “Can’t Stop now, available on Spotify, and see the band on tour with the Pretenders this Spring! Visit for details!

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