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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 93: E-Lux by Human Waste Project

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast the Angel Ross Robinson is back behind the boards, helping out Human Waste Project on their one and only album, E-Lux. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Juggalo Prom, Boy Hits Car, love from London, Death Grips, #whosthinking, 36 Crazyfists, Serial Joe, Joel McIver and the Good Book, Aimee Echo, alternative metal, the Christgau Challenge, songs about being a vampire, wiki vandalism, an Incubus vibe, Nu-metal Gwen, Big thrifting, a sub/dom relationship, Ross’s rules, a goth direction, Alanis, a Lost Classic Track, Alt rock meat,…

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Modern Vinyl – The MV Podcast 203: Camp Cope, “Emo: The Musical” & 2018 (so far)

Episode 203 of The Modern Vinyl Podcast centers around Camp Cope’s new full length album, “How to Socialise and Make Friends,” which we review along with Christine Varriale (Allston Pudding). Stick around for talk on “Emo: The Musical” and some 2018 discoveries on Side B. Note: For the review we had issues with an audio track, so we had to use Skype audio. Things will get back to normal next week.

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Sit and Spin with Joe – Episode 173 – “Michael Schenker Fest – Resurrection”

Back after an unplanned absence, this week we’re celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the show with an album pick inspired by the man who helped inspire that show to begin with – our friend Gino Ames (from The Riff Of The Day) – and we’re checking out the new album by the Michael Schenker Fest – RESURRECTION. The German guitar god has been rocking our world for over four decades now, as a member of Scorpions, UFO and solo with his own bands the Michael Schenker Group, McAuley Schenker Group…

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earMusic – Al Di Meola – Track-by-Track Interview “Escapado” – New album “OPUS” out now!

Rogers USA returns to the drum market with the re-release of the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. This instrument is a dead ringer for early wood Dyna-Sonics of 1960s — the same model preferred by Buddy Rich for years. It features a re-ringed wood shell, Bread & Butter lugs, a patented snare rail, and Clockface throw off. A vintage-styled Black Pearl wrap completes the look. Loose to tight, the Dyna-Sonic boasts a wide tuning range and incredible sensitivity thanks to a unique snare rail mechanism.

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Revolver – Inside Deftones’ ‘Around the Fur’: Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter on Game-Changing Album

White Pony may have been the Deftones’ commercial high point and most critically acclaimed release, but its predecessor, 1997’s Around the Fur, was their creative turning point when the band really found itself and the full range of its expansive, expressive sound. In the first episode of Revolver’s new “Game Changers” series, singer Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter look back at the defiant creative spirit, late-night parties and last-second studio improvisations that led to some of their most timeless music.

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 336: Wake, Night In Gales, Deathwhite 2018 Album Reviews + Virginia Bandcamp Pick: Sundrainer

Powerless Rise When a nor’easter drops a foot of wet, heavy snow, takes down trees and power lines, and leaves most of your county without power, what do you do?  Drive to your girlfriend’s place so you can record your podcast.  The show must go on!  

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The Great Albums Podcast – Joni Mitchell – Blue (w/ guest Dave Mooney)

Musician Dave Mooney ( joins Bill and Brian to discuss Joni Mitchell’s influential relationship album Blue (1971, Reprise). Dave talks about Spotify algorithms doing him a solid and making sure Joni’s music crossed his plate. Then Bill, Brian, and Dave talk about the album’s sparse production, the value of speculating on an artist’s biographical info, Graham Nash and James Taylor’s influence on the lyrical content, Stephen Stills lending his talents, accidental Christmas songs, and more as we make our way through the album track by track!

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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 054: Vengeance Rising with Stephen Sarro of Unteachers

We talk about metal, catch up on feedback, and discuss a heavy metal band that was seemingly created for the purpose of existing in a market they were not welcome. Also, Stephen gives us multiple symposiums from the perspective of someone that grew up a time when it was easy to turn down your nose at a band because of their label. The rise, the downfall, the Vengeance, Symposium Rising! #discussmetal #VengeanceRising

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Rock Superpowers Unite with Marvelous Team-Ups Ep314

Things get explosive this week when Rock Superpowers unite with Marvelous Team-Ups! We’ve got collaborations that will leap bad radio in a single bound. This audio spread includes fantastic unions of Motorhead with CC Deville, as well as Dee Snider with Zakk Wylde. Marvelous Team-Ups You also get a Hollywood team-up of Lizzy Borden and Betsy Bitch.  Additionally, you get team ups of Axl Rose and Alice Cooper, Volbeat and Danko Jones, and Paul Stanley with Ace Frehley. All that and two legendary metal voices combine to blow your mind.…

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Rock & Metal Combat Podcast – Episode 199 Ministry Dark Side Of The Spoon Plus A KISS News Exclusive

  Check out the latest episode of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast below. Ian and Ralph, better known as Wadzilla and Dr. Fukk bring you conversations about albums, bands, movies, and anything else that they may want to touch upon, in a manner you will surely never hear of from anyone else. Sit back and enjoy. Ministry Dark Side Of The Spoon Plus A KISS News Exclusive

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – The 90s Part 4: Britpop

I want you to think about fashion for a moment…fashion is one of the most disposable of all the artistic endeavours…much of what’s created isn’t designed to last more than a season…once the season is over, time to toss out all the coture and buy new stuff… But there are cycles in fashion…after a certain amount of time, old styles might come back into favour again…this, in a way, makes fashion a renewable resource… Music is also like that…trends and sounds and styles come along and then disappear…but then ten,…

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