Linea Rock – TRIVIUM – Corey Beaulieu interview @Linea Rock 2017 by Barbara Caserta

On August 8th 2017 yours truly Barbara Caserta had the chance to catch up with guitarist COREY BEAULIEU for Linea Rock while TRIVIUM were in Milano opening the Megadeth show during summer european tour. New album “The Sin And The Sentence” was already done so, even if the release was still to be planned (now confirmed on October 20th 2017!) and some details still to be defined, he already was willing to talk about it and introduce it to us as the best of both worlds, classic Trivium mix of melodies and screaming & more modern / extreme stuff. They spend most of every year on the road but the record wasn’t written on the road and he explains the reasons why… Of course I also went deepen in the past down to “Ember To Inferno”, we discussed roles in the band which are very “democratic” despite Matt being a true leader, his style, his attitude, his approach to playing, his guitars (V signature and non, 7 strings and non, Jackson and non), how he started, how he has grown as a musician prior to join the band and also after with them, his main influences, the Kempers choice, the eternal comparison with Metallica, the changing many drummers-gate and his pure joy about Alex Bent joining the line up which – fingers crossed – seems to be finally stable… and guess which one he consideres his own best performance on a Trivium album? Just push play and you’ll find out!

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