Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard – Episode 66: Unforgiven 1999

A touching tribute to Bobby “the Brain” Heenan kicks off a three hour breakdown of all things WWF in September/October 1999. Vince McMahon had just won the WWF Championship, Triple H had just gotten his first world title win too, and now the Undertaker and Austin are out of the main event. Bulldog is back just a few months after Owen passed away, the refs are on strike, Jericho and Dudleyz are making their WWF PPV debuts, the ladies are having a hardcore match, and you’ll learn what Vince thought about the Kennel in a Cell! We touch on the thinking behind the inferno match, the jacked up security guy we all remember, BB the EMT, Beaver Cleavage, Thrasher as DTK, Droz’s injury, how D’Lo was never the same, the creation of SmackDown, Gorilla Monsoon’s passing, Lawler running for mayor, and the famous “This Is Your Life” segment. Enjoy this breakdown of Vince Russo’s last PPV in the WWF, Unforgiven 1999!

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