Metal Wani – WINTERSUN’s Teemu Mantysaari on ‘The Forest Seasons’, Songwriting, TIME II & Touring (2017)

Metal Wani’s Editor In Chief Owais ‘Vitek’ Nabi and Jake Patton had a chat with WINTERSUN guitarist Teemu Mantysaari.

He discusses the highly anticipated new album “The Forest Seasons”, entire crowdfunding journey with love and hate relation with metalheads, how ‘The Forest Seasons’ is an extension of the debut album rather than continuation of ‘Time I’ album, writing darker, black metal-esque riffs on ‘Eternal Darkness (Autumn) which talks about Jari’s father’s death and why the band focused more on the guitars and drums sections of the album.

He throws light on complex orchestral elements on the album, how the entire songwriting process started & ended with Jari Maenpaa, his contribution to the album, how they planned the track-list order based on different seasons, taking a bold step to not release any single till the release date and production ideas on this album.

He also talks about TIME II album, his opinion on how band is going to tackle the comparison of ‘The Forest Seasons’ with ‘Time I’, vocal arrangements on the album with perfect combination of growls and clean vocals, plans to execute the album live with a new guitarist Asim Searah, live drummer for all the tours since Kai Hahto will be touring with NIGHTWISH and upcoming tours.

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