Michael Brandvold Marketing – Ep. 283 smartURL 2.0! You NEED to Be Using this Tool to Sell Your Music!

Visit http://www.MichaelBrandvold.com We are joined by Gogi from Gupta Media to talk about smartURL 2.0. We also get the lowdown on the new Pivot smartURL product and how it quickly and easily builds a music landing page for you. Gogi also shares the details on Events smartURL for marketing your live shows.

smartURL redirects users to specific destinations based on their country or device. After entering a default URL, users are able to specify to which country and device-specific URLs they want to direct their traffic. smartURL is the most popular type and the one that we recommend using for most campaigns.

The Pivot smartURL creates a landing page where all users can choose their preferred retailer. This landing page can be customized with links to any retail or streaming providers. Pivot smartURLs automatically hide any retailers that are unavailable in a specific country or device.The customizable landing page features a product image, Spotify audio player, custom branding, and retailers specific to company and country.

The Events smartURL is designed for promoting live events. For users managing a touring campaign, Events smartURLs can be configured to redirect traffic to the right ticketing page based on their location. When there are no available shows nearby, traffic will be sent to a landing page listing all available locations on the tour. Add and update event listings as tour plans change.

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