Metal Wani – HAMMERFALL’s Fredrik Larsson on Swedish Metal Scene, Commercial Music v/s Metal & Touring (2017)

On May 11th, Metal Wani’s Jackie Mtz. had a chat with Fredrik Larsson of Hammerfall during their American run with Delain.

He discusses the return to North America after 7 years, fan response to the tour so far, fan response to the recently released HAMMERALL album “Built To Last” and whether the band has touched the pinnacle of creativity with ‘Built To Last’.

He also talks about return to classic Hammerfall sound, working with producer Fredrik Nordström, writing process of the band, why Swedish metal bands like Meshuggah, In Flames etc. bring more diversity and recognized on a global metal map,

He throws light on the current scene in Sweden, whether metal is more mainstream in Europe than America and whether a genre like Power Metal is more accepted in Europe as compared to America.

He throws light on decline in album sales, increase in Vinyl sales, his opinion on most of the American bands write ‘radio friendly’ songs & more.

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