Creator Destructor Podcast – Episode 14! Scott Goodrich (Nu-Tone Studios, Daydream)

Happy Thursday, y’all! Episode 14 is here, and it was a goddamn blast! The almighty Scott Goodrich joined Ryan Hansen and I for two hours of fun times and conversation, and trust us when we tell you that we got down on all kinds of stupid shit! We talk a good deal about recording and how Scott’s brain works in those terms, but quickly go down a path of pretty much jumping from topic to topic, covering a wide range of nonsense that we hope you’ll enjoy! If you don’t know who Scott is, he is one of the most ruling producers/engineers out there right now – He recorded the upcoming Heartsounds & Wilderness Dream records (as well as Point of View’s “Vultures” EP), and plays in an awesome band called Daydream. Scott is most definitely one of my favorite people, no question. He lives down the street and we often meet up for coffee and talk shit. It’s one of my favorite things to do, so we decided it had to be done on the podcast, officially! So with that, enjoy Episode 14!

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