Sweetwater Sound – PRS J-MOD 100 John Mayer Signature 100-watt Tube Head Playthrough

Don Carr here, putting the PRS J-MOD 100 to work! I wrote and recorded this piece of music specifically for the J-MOD and it’s the only amp on the track, along with a nice variety of guitars and pedals. Seven distinct guitar parts and sounds in total, all played through the J-MOD amp and cabinet, mic’d with a Telefunken M80 and a Royer 121, in Sweetwater’s Studio B. From there, to a pair of Neve 5052 mic preamps and recorded in ProTools 12. No post-EQ or effects were used so you can really hear how the amp sounds and sits in the track.

Even though the J-MOD 100 has a bold, distinct voice, it compliments every guitar and pedal you put into it. I had no trouble dialing-in these tones and getting them to respond the way I wanted them to, there were even a couple more killer sounds that I couldn’t fit into the tune! I really liked the sound of the J-MOD with the Master Volume basically dimed and using the Channel Volume to control the level, sound, and response. The 100-watt power section and 2×12 speaker cabinet were loud and proud!

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