Metal Wani – THE FACELESS’ Michael Keene on ‘In Becoming A Ghost’, Songwriting, Lineup & Australian Tour (2017)

Ahead of the Australian tour, Metal Wani’s Editor In Chief Owais ‘Vitek’ Nabi had a chat with THE FACELESS mastermind Michael Keene.

He discusses the upcoming tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, how the band is sounding live with a new lineup, why it took few years to sort out the lineup issues with band members lacking chemistry on and off stage and his opinion on ex THE FACELESS members hating each other.

He throws light on the current status of the upcoming album “In Becoming A Ghost” scheduled to release in August via Sumerian Records, ongoing mastering process with all the songs already recorded and mixed, why he took sometime to work on the mix & master to get the perfect sound that was missing on previous albums, plans to release the remixed & remastered version of ‘Planetary Duality’ next year to celebrate 10th anniversary.

He also talks about the technical aspects of the record, musical direction, the difference between ‘Autotheism’ and the upcoming record, using flutes and finding uniformity while mixing the album, his opinion on writing an album that sounds like a combination of Planetary Duality & Autotheism, lyrical aspects and whether the new members were part of the songwriting.

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