The Kevin Gill Show – Ep 122- MegaRan (Teacher. Rapper. Hero)

Teacher, rapper, and hero MegaRan talks WrestleCircus, mean streets of Philly, falling in love with reading, hip hop and wrestling, teaching kids, PMA, What Culture, becoming MegaRan, Beastie Boys, Backyard Wrestling, his May 2017 UK Tour!, Comics, combining his passions into his music, giving back, infinite lives, Honky Tonk Man, arcade games, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, WWE, Juggalo gang classification, touring with MC LARS and much more!

KG gets in depth on Juggalo Weekend in Calgary Alberta, Canada! and talks about his Pro Wrestling Revolution X experience on Floslam, meeting Marco Benevento, visiting Lance Storm, Karina Rykman comes to town and more.

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