Sweetwater Sound – Sweetwater’s JUNO-DS Value Added Thumb Drive Overview

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s Director of Product Optimization, has created a Sweetwater-exclusive 8GB bonus thumb drive that lets you take your JUNO-DS61 and JUNO-DS88 to a whole new level. The thumb drive is so small that it fits deep in the DS’s USB port, allowing you to leave it there permanently. It contains eight Expansion Card Sample Libraries (each library is 34 MB), five Banks of XV-5080 Preset Collections, 16 full-length, stereo Jam Tracks, eight 808 Drum Grooves, eight 909 Drum Grooves, two Sound Effect banks, a bank of Harp Glissandos, and an exclusive reworking of all the internal Organ presets to use the latest Rotary Speaker simulator.

The Sweetwater-exclusive thumb drive also contains the JUNO-DS Librarian for Mac/PC, all Mac/PC Drivers, links to all of the JUNO-DS Video Tutorials, Guidebook, Parameter Guide, as well as individual PDFs for every section of the JUNO-DS Manual, allowing you to read or print only the sections that answer your questions.

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