MESA/Boogie – MESA/Boogie Tone Summit: Doug West & John Petrucci – The Mesa R & D Process

During the Tone Summit with John Petrucci and Doug West at the beautiful Guitar Sanctuary in Dallas, Texas, John asked MESA®
R & D Director, Doug West, about the Toning Process with Mesa Founder, Randall Smith.

Doug reveals some of the detailed processes they use to arrive at the final voices of Mesa products as well as the importance of creating lasting musical instrument amplifiers that makes players want to play and inspires them to express themselves and play their best.

Recorded with John Petrucci’s Signature Ernie Ball Music Man JP 16 six and seven string guitars into stereo JP2C heads and two Rectifier 4×12 Traditional cabinets. Mic’d with a Sennheiser 421 and a Beyer Dynamic 160 on one side and a AER AR22 and an SM57 on the other cab with a stereo pair of Earthworks QTC-50 Room mics blended in at 10% of the final mix.

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