Drum Talk TV Channel – The Ox & The Loon Documentary Part 1 of 3

Carve out some time to enjoy this part 1 of three of Drum Talk TV’s presentation of, “The Making of The Ox & The Loon.” Brian Tichy and Joe Sutton put on some of the best music tributes on the planet and this film documents the coming together of the first production of their tribute to John Entwistle and Keith Moon.

Here in part 1 you will see rehearsal footage and interviews from day 1 of rehearsals in preparation for the big show. Included in these clips are Brian Tichy, Phil Chen, Rowan Robertson, Joe Retta, Stephen LeBlanc, Stephen Perkins, James LoMenzo, Jody Porter, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith, Veronica Bellino, Brent Woods, Michael Devin, Chas West, Tracii Guns, Dug Pinnick and Belinda Carlisle.
Watch for Part 2 with many of the above, as well as Joe Sutton, Kenny Aronoff, Oni Logan, Cy Langston, Pancho Tomaselli, Rikki Rockett, Sean McNabb, Tom Gimbel, Phil Soussan, Dave Lombardo, Billy Sheehan, and Mike Portnoy. Part 3 has clips from all 24 songs performed, as well as Matt Starr and Ace Frehley, and special appearances by Lemmy Kilmister, Joseph Pusateri, Ashley Austin of Legacy Artists Group–managing the Keith Moon Estate–and EVERYONE on stage for the finale.

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