Metal Wani – TESTAMENT’s Chuck Billy on U.S. Tour, Writing Faster Songs, Next Album in 2018 & Life on Road (2017)

Metal Wani’s Chuck Marshall had a chat with TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy.

He discusses the upcoming North American tour with Sepultura & Prong, success of recently released album “Brotherhood Of The Snake”, where this record stacks up against the band’s discography and why the band haven’t reached the pinnacle of creativity with ‘Brotherhood…’ album.

He also discusses on whether Testament will ever slow down and write mid-tempo songs like Metallica’s ‘Black’ album, why ‘Dark Roots Of The Earth’ was lacking thrash elements, his opinion on maintaining the vocals throughout his career and how the cancer & reunion tour inspired him to get better at vocals.

He also throws light on writing next Testament record slated to release in 2018, why the band wont be taking 4 years for the next album, his opinion on the toughest Testament song to sing live, a day on the road with Testament and more.

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