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Pro Guitar Shop Demos – Positive Grid BIAS Head – Amp Match Amplifier

Today, we’re entering the grid with the PositiveGrid BIAS Head. Players finally get to build/match their dream amplifier with the BIAS Head, a fully customizable amp modeler with enough options to keep even the most ardent knob tweakers satisfied. The BIAS Head lets you design your dream amp by putting you at a virtual workbench and letting you adjust virtual components in real time such as tube stages, amp topology and cabinet simulation, without the use of any software. You can instantly access a wide range of amps within 25 presets with the turn on a knob and customize the tone with a versatile EQ. By diving into the BIAS Amp software, you can access 1000’s of pre-assembled presets from the ToneCloud or start building your dream amp by swapping tone stacks, tube types, cabs, and even transformers. Amp Match technology lets you capture via microphone the tonal nuances of your favorite amps and cabs, save them to a preset, and recall them anytime with the BIAS Head. Your signal remains pristine at any moment in the BIAS Head’s path, because it uses top-of-the-line studio-grade A/D, D/A converters and op-amps with zero latency. After dialing in your dream tone, the signal hits a robust power section that’s capable of putting out up to 600 watts RMS into your speaker cab of choice. The rear panel goes far beyond other amps, offering an effects loop, headphone output, direct outs, 2 footswitch jacks for EXP and latching, MIDI I/O, USB and even Bluetooth connectivity for use with the PositiveGrid BIAS iOS app.

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