Pods & Sods Network – VCMBF 02 | Tomfoolery / Prisoner Of The Mind

Pods & Sods listeners may have heard the name Tomfoolery.  A few years back, Craig Smith traded in his keyboard for a bandana and a podcasting mic, but before that he spent a few years as a member of Tomfoolery, a Bucks County band that gigged around PA/NJ/NY for several years in the early-to-mid 90s.  Before giving up on the music scene, Craig put some work in assembling (and performing on) an album that is very near and dear to his heart – 1999’s Prisoner Of The Mind.  Joining Craig for the first time in many years is Tomfoolery vocalist and composer Ed Ludwig and drummer Fran Rapposelli for a track by track look at an album that is most important to them all.  Hopefully musicians and fans of music in general can enjoy this look, seventeen years on, at not only the album but stories about the relationships that you form when spending years in a band with others – so please join us as we have a few drinks and wax nostalgic about our glory years.

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