Substream Magazine – “We’re really hitting our stride” — Hot Water Music’s Chris Wollard talks about his new band Ship Thieves

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Greg Pratt:

I was surprised with the album. It was way more punk rock and hard-hitting than what I was expecting.

CHRIS WOLLARD: Um… yeah? [Laughs.] I mean, yeah, I can definitely see that. But I’ve been playing in punk bands my whole life, so it doesn’t seem that different looking from where I’m standing. But this band has become more of a band, and the way I think about it, the first record wasn’t a band. It just wasn’t a fucking band. It was the farthest thing from a band. And I think you can hear that. You can tell it was a lot more front-porch stuff. But now every Monday we go to band practice, and you know there’s going to be an awesome band there, and you get used to each other, you start anticipating what people are going to do, and you start finding your comfortable pocket. It’s more fun for me, more fun for them, and the closer we got, the more we trusted each other and the more it sort of organically turned into a band. Now that we hit that stride, we turned in the album to No Idea [Records] and we already had new stuff we were working on. Just because the album’s done doesn’t mean we should stop. We’re really hitting our stride. It’s just a blast. It’s a super-exciting time to be in this band.

I loved the song “Born Into This.” It really reminded me of the stuff with Hot Water Music that you’ve written that I’ve really connected with. As soon as I heard it, I was like, “Fuck yeah,” fist pumping in the air, running down the road…

I think “Born Into This” was the last song we did for the album. It was definitely in the last session, we might have done another one along with that. We recorded the album, and we tried to make it not super-obvious, but it was all these different sessions. So that song, I think that’s when I really got excited and said, “Okay, the album’s done, let’s start writing the next one.” That’s the one that told me, “Don’t take a break right now; keep going.” And then the first song, “Middle Man,” that was in the first batch, that might have been the first song we did, so when I think of that one, I think that’s the one that told me, “We are making a record.”

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