The Orange County Register – John Lydon

Peter Larsen has interviewed John Lydon better known to some as Johnny Rotten and the lead singer of The Sex Pistols or Public Image Ltd. A.K.A. P.I.L. He is about to release his memoirs and a new P.I.L. album. Here is an excerpt of their conversation:

John Lydon takes a seat at the picnic table on the deck of his Malibu home – “I’ll plunk me buttocks over ‘ere,” he offers in the voice that Johnny Rotten made famous – and settles in with a pack of Marlboros and a bottle of Corona to chat about life on the edge of 60.

Public Image Ltd., his long-running post-Sex Pistols band, has a new album just out, and a tour that runs from the United Kingdom this month back to Los Angeles by the end of November. “Anger Is An Energy,” his second memoir, a more personal account of his rags-to-modest-riches life, reached bookstores earlier in the summer.

But while he’s certainly enthusiastic to talk about those projects there’s really no reining in Lydon once he gets going, and over the course of nearly an hour the conversation zigs and zags from his long-standing grievances with old record labels and band mates, to the inspiration one might find in fight with the missus over a broken toilet, to the sense of absurdity he sees in the campaign and coverage of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

To read the entire article, go here.

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