The Irish Times – Nicko McBrain Of Iron Maiden

Ronan McGreevy of The Irish Times has interviewed Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain.

Here is an excerpt:

Iron Maiden have been around for nearly 40 years and yet this is the longest album of your career to date. How did Book of Souls come about?

We talked about doing an album three years ago when we were all at the bar drinking. We were all looking at each other and we were saying to each other, “will we do another record. The Final Frontier (previous album) was a cracker”. We knew we were going to do another album. It has taken five years since the last one, or has it? The years seem to get shorter as you get older. It’s in our DNA. Our fans still support Iron Maiden. I suppose, you know, we could go fart in a paper bag and most people would go, “cor, that’s a bit alright. It’s not bad, is it?” (He laughs), but we don’t. We go and make these great albums and this is the best one yet.
Steve (Harris, the bass player) formed the band back in December 1975. Professionally, the first album (Iron Maiden) was 1979. That’s still an amazing time for making music the way we do. This is our 16th studio album. I look it and I go, ‘wow, this is the culmination of everything’. This is early Maiden, this is progressive Maiden. The end of Eternity Should Fail has all this weird stuff on it. It takes me back to the 1970s to bands that were psychedelic.

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