Metal Insider – Food Truck & Rock Carnival

Bram Teitelman of Metal Insider has interviewed John D’Esposito the promoter of the Food Truck & Rock Carnival.

Here is an excerpt:

When the Food Truck & Rock Carnival makes its way to central New Jersey next weekend, it’ll be the first of its kind. Co-promoters John D’Esposito and Stan Levinstone got their start booking Old Bridge, NJ’s long-since-closed Birch Hill. Since then, they went their separate ways, with D’esposito booking the Bamboozle, then splintering off to book Asbury Park’s Skate and Surf fest. Their years of knowledge about the scene led them to reunite with the goal of booking a family-friendly festival. Headlined by bands like Slash, Godsmack, Black Label Society, Clutch and Anthrax, the festival will also include some Birch Hill bands, like local legends TT Quick and Prophet alongside bands like Kix and Skid Row. There will also be tribute bands and comedy. We spoke with D’Espostito about his vision for the Carnival, how he hopes to get kids into rock music, and his thoughts on destination festivals and the decline of Mayhem.

To read the entire article go here.

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