The Classic Metal Show – Mick Brown Of Dokken And Gus G. Of Ozzy Osbourne

Here are your podcasts of The Classic Metal Show for September 8th, 2015.

Neeley passes the phone over to “Wild” Mick Brown after their set in Illinois. Mick is wild as always.

Calling in from the Dokken show, Neeley puts Taylor Paige on the air to talk about how lousy the sound guy was at this show.

In one of the all time funniest segments ever on the show from 2009, Neeley and Chris angrily review “The Maddest Hatter” Podcast interview with Ace Frehley after their publicist turned them down for an interview for being disrespectful to Ace. The guys are full of fire for this one.

Following the interview with Ozzy guitarist Gus G, Chris and guest host Jon Drake talk about Zakk Wylde’s acoustic stuff, how Chris loves it, but Jon is not into it much.

Interview with Ozzy/Firewind Guitarist Gus G. Gus called in to talk about his new solo release BRAND NEW REVOLUTION.

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