Sticks For Stones – Mark Menghi And Alex Skolnick Of Metal Allegiance

Levi Seth of Australia’s Sticks For Stones has interviewed Mark Menghi and Alex Skolnick about their Metal Allegiance project.

Here is an excerpt:

Mark – We did our first show on Motorhead’s Motorboat cruise and then literally from there. Within twelve months we did our first shows, wrote our record, recorded our record and mixed our record, mastered our record and now we’re putting out that record. Worldwide in under twelve months.

Levi: Was the record inspired by the Roadrunner United record which came out a while ago?

Alex: I wasn’t familiar with the record…

Mark: I wasn’t familiar with it either. I’ve heard about it now, I’m still yet to hear it. From what I hear that record was conceived by the guy who signed us. The way he described it was, there were team captains and each person would be responsible for writing his songs. With us it was a lot different, there were four people in a room writing a record.

Alex: The small unit of us wrote the whole thing. And then we peppered it with all the guests.

Levi: All the guests would all have busy tour schedules. Was it hard getting everyone in to record?

Alex: The logistics were tough, we knew the timeframe we were working with, and we spoke to everybody, a lot of it was just “when can somebody do this?” Like if you’re going to do that track the first week of April, then we are going to work with so and so, last week of May. Somehow it came together but yeah we were biting our nails a couple of times. We knew we wanted it to come this year and in time, not the end of the year either. Luckily it worked out in the end.

You can read the entire article here.

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