Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 122 – Classic Albums – Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise

Episode 122 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on Anthrax’s Sound Of White Noise. Not only will you be able to hear several current and former members of the band discuss the album, but you’ll be able to read a Q&A interview with former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook on

During the podcast you’ll hear current members of the band Charlie Benante and Frank Bello discuss the album. You’ll also hear former lead singer, and vocalist on the album John Bush. You’ll hear his Armored Saint bandmate Joey Vera discuss the album, plus what it was like to be in the Saint when everything went down. For those that don’t know, Joey also filled in for Frank when he temporarily left the band. Joey is also a part of Scott Ian’s side project Motor Sister. Andreas Kisser is most known for his work in Sepultura, but Andreas filled in for Scott in Anthrax around the time his wife gave birth to their first born. Carl Canedy is best known for his work in The Rods, but he is also a producer, and worked with the band on Fist Full Of Metal, Armed And Dangerous, and Spreading The Disease. Ross The Boss is best known for his work in Manowar and The Dictators, he actually produced the band’s first single, and was the first person to work with Anthrax in the studio. The Shred Lord Joe Stump also has a connection to the band, as he worked with Joey Belladonna when he moved on from the band, he discusses working with Joey at length. Josh Christian and Bill Bodily of Toxik discuss being from the same area as Anthrax and how that effected their band. Others that discuss the album include Alan Tecchio former lead singer of Hades (whose guitarist Dan Lorenzo claims that Anthrax stole the idea of covering Got The Time from Hades), Gene Hoglan who previously filled in for Charlie (the interview was done before Gene did so), former Watchtower lead singer Jason McMaster, Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer, journalists Mitch Lafon, Martin Popoff and Bob Nalbandian who has a long history with John Bush, and many more.

Aside from Paul Crook’s Q&A you’ll find comments from current and former members of White Wizzard, Holy Grail, Benedictum, Will Carroll of Death Angel, and Steve Smyth of One Machine, who is probably best known for his work with Nevermore and Testament.

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