Noisey – Dez Cadena Of Black Flag And Misfits

Tony Rettman of Noisey has interviewed the legendary Dez Cadena of Black Flag and Misfits fame. The interview touches upon his history, and his on going fight with cancer. To donate to his GoFundMe campaign go here.

Here is an excerpt:

Let’s just put it out there: If you do not consider Dez Cadena an American Punk Icon, you really need your diaper changed. As both front man and guitarist for Black Flag in their pioneering years as well as being the longest running guitarist for the Misfits, Dez has solidified his standing as an individual who has lived his life through music with no regard to what the squares and normos have to say.

Unfortunately though, such credentials and accolades do not pay medical bills.

Dez was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. In the past few months, he has had a polyp removed and just completed some draining radiation. As expected, the medical bills are starting to pile up. Due to this, someone has set up a page on Go Fund Me to help Cadena pay his medical costs.

To read the entire interview go here.

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