Metal Forces – Dino Cazares Of Fear Factory

Anthony Morgan of Metal Forces has interviewed Dino Cazares Of Fear Factory.

Here is an excerpt:

In devising concepts as well as the given titles for tracks, guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell – members of Los Angeles, California-based industrial metal outfit Fear Factory – discuss each and every detail. This was equally the case for August 2015 full-length studio album Genexus, the band’s ninth overall and first to be issued through Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

“The writing process was basically me inside my studio; writing everything on a drum program, getting all of the demos down, and getting all of the pre-production done,” Dino informs. “We changed the arrangements of the songs and so on, and then we gave them to our drummer whose name is Mike Heller. Mike Heller listened to everything; he changed a lot of his drum parts, and added different elements to the writing process. Then obviously we went into the studio with Rhys Fulber, and tracked everything, recorded everything. Then Rhys added a lot of keyboards on top of it, and then we had a couple of other keyboard players who contributed stuff as well.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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