Crack – Tom Araya Of Slayer

Geraint Davies of Crack Magazine has interviewed Slayer‘s’ Tom Araya.

Here is an excerpt:

In 1986, four young men from LA, clad head-to-toe in clinging leather and glistening spikes, greasy hair descending towards their studded belts, decided to make the fastest, most brutal record of all time.

Across 28 minutes and 58 seconds, these gleefully confrontational provocateurs, all in their early-to-mid 20s, changed the very notion of how intense music could be. They created something that, it might be argued, has never been bettered. By anyone.

Reign in Blood was Slayer’s third album, hot on the heels of the rushed, embryonic Show No Mercy (1983) and the disarmingly brash Hell Awaits (1985). The burgeoning sound of thrash metal, which merged the pace and intensity of hardcore punk with the jagged riffs and theatricality of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, had become an arms race. And while LA compatriots Metallica had blown the game apart with 1983’s Kill ‘Em All, Slayer were intent on pushing the red button.

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