100 Percent Rock – Gary Cherone Of Extreme And Hurtsmile

Todd Jolicoeur of 100 Percent Rock has interviewed Gary Cherone Of Extreme regarding Hurstsmile.

Here is an excerpt:

When handed the opportunity to speak with the frontman of several bands you have enjoyed over the years, you grab that opportunity and run with it – just as I did this week when I was given the chance to speak with none other than Gary Cherone. Gary’s other band, Hurtsmile, is promoting their latest release, Retrogrenade, with two new videos and a ton of hype… A fan of his multitude of projects – Extreme, Hurtsmile, Tribe of Judah, and even a solo project – I couldn’t wait to discuss the new material, possible tour dates, and so much more.

The entire interview can be found here.

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