Sticks For Stones – Burton C. Bell Of Fear Factory

Levi Seth Buckley of Sticks For Stones has interviewed Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory.

Here is an excerpt:

Levi: All the early Fear Factory albums were recorded on reel-to-reel, is it easier now that you can use programs like Pro-Tools?

Burton: It’s just as hard. There was no Pro-Tools whatsoever back then, Pro-Tools didn’t come around until our Digimortal record. We we’re working with 2 inch tape on Soul of a New Machine, De-manufacture and Obsolete. To do it you had to re-wind the tape, you had to re-do it, you had to use various tracks, drums had to be cut and edited. That’s the way it was, there was someone in the studio engineered to do all that, now there is someone engineered to load Pro-Tools. You still got to record it, it’s not necessarily faster, we still have issues. Pro-Tools will go down once in awhile, just like a tape machine did, same shit, different medium.

You can find the interview below.

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