Loudwire – Jill Janus And Blake Meahl Of Huntress Play Would You Rather?

Liz Ramanand has interviewed Jill Janus and Blake Meahl of Huntress as part of Loudwire’s Would You Rather?

Here is an excerpt:

When Huntress come to town, it’s a guaranteed good time, and they’re headed on the road with Avatar this year. Did we also mention that Huntress will be ruling the high seas on this year’s Motorboat, as well? We had the chance to play a very entertaining game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with the band’s frontwoman Jill Janus and guitarist Blake Meahl. Find out which one would want to marry Lemmy Kilmister and which member would rather wed Ozzy Osbourne, among other fun answers. Check out Huntress’ Jill Janus and Blake Meahl rock this game of ’Would You Rather?

To read the entire article go here.

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