Louder Than War – Tiny Fingers

Rick Leach of Louder Than War has interviewed Boaz and Oren of Tiny Fingers.

Here is an excerpt:

Intense, swirly and electronic psychedelic Israeli band, Tiny Fingers, have just released their new album, “The Fall”. Rick Leach spoke with Oren and Boaz from the group about classical music, football, the travails of being an Israeli band and the role of humour in music.

“The Fall” seems to have been very well received so far; I certainly love it and have been raving about it to anyone who’ll listen to me! It seems to me that there is some overarching theme in there from the title track, right through to “Music for the Sun”. Am I right or am I reading too much into it? Is there an idea that runs through it all and if so what is it?

Read the entire interview here.

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