ABC News Radio – Joe Perry Of Aerosmith

Joe Perry Of Aerosmith was recently interviewed by ABC News Radio regarding his involvement in Hollywood Vampires project. The project was put together by Alice Cooper, and consists of an all-star lineup that includes actor Johnny Depp and rock luminaries such as AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson, Joe WalshThe Doors‘ Robby Krieger, SlashDave Grohl and Perry Farrell (among others).

Here is an excerpt:

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry is one of the many famous musicians who Alice Cooper and movie star Johnny Depp tapped to record the soon-to-be-released album Hollywood Vampires, which pays tribute to some of the late rock stars that Cooper partied with during the 1970s as part of an informal drinking club of the same name. As big a star as Perry is, he admits that he was in awe of one of the album’s other contributors with whom he had the chance to collaborate…Paul McCartney.

The entire interview can be found here.

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