100 Percent Rock – Interview Jeffrey Hoad Of Kings Of The Sun

Shane Pinnegar Of 100 Percent Rock has interviewed Jeffrey Hoad of Kings Of The Sun and Rich And Famous.

Here is an excerpt:

There was a time when Kings Of The Sun, formed by Gold Coast brothers Clifford and Jeffrey Hoad, were the go-to Australian band in Hollywood for high profile tour supports and big-haired awesomeness.

Then the music scene changed in the early nineties, and KOTS rolled with the punches: they moved back to Australia and recorded a fourth album, Daddy Was A Hobo Man, which remained unreleased until 2011.

Around 2001 they rebranded as The Rich & Famous, broadening their sound in the process and releasing another three albums before both brothers dropped off the radar amid rumours of a falling out.

Fast forward to September 2013 and Clifford Hoad’s Kings Of The Sun released Rock Til Ya Die, a solid Aussie rock album but without Jeffrey’s distinctive and charismatic vocals, in a different class to the Kings Of The Sun records which had come before. It also hammered home the point that the brothers weren’t on the same page any more.

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