The Classic Metal Show – August 21st, 2015

Here are you podcasts of The Classic Metal Show for August 21st, 2015.

Neeley reads a story about a man that was hunted down and arrested for jerking off a horse and himself at the same time. The chatroom explodes with all the filth you would expect.

Chris has to abort the end of the show because he can’t stay awake.

In this classic from 2008, Neeley and Chris are asked to ask a caller’s wife if he can come out and play with the CMS guys.

Neeley ends the show the same way it began this week, him without Chris and thanking the fans.

A kid is suspended for a two word tweet about making out with his teacher. The guys once again talk about how ridiculous social media is.

Neeley reads a story about a guy busted for trying to pass $3.6 Million worth of fake casino chips.

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