Invisible Oranges – Ken Andrews Of Failure

Invisible Oranges have interviewed Failure‘s Ken Andrews.

Here is an excerpt:

So Failure are barely a metal band, so what? The power trio’s 90’s output remains some of the best hard rock that decade produced. I count the band alongside The Afghan Whigs and Queens of the Stone Age as groups that would be the Foo Fighters of today if rock were a meritocracy.

Sadly that’s not how history works. The group released a genre-defying third album (Fantastic Planet) and then broke up in the mid-90’s; think of them as the al rock At The Gates. Like many other gone-too-soon bands, they’ve reunited and written a new record, The Heart is a Monster, and unlike most 90’s rock reunion albums, I actually like it. Failure singer and multi instrumentalist Ken Andrews and I discussed the band’s intricate marriage of writing and production

—Joseph Schafer

You can read the entire interview here.

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