Guitar World – Dimebag Darrell’s 12 Favorite Songs 1993 Interview Revisited

Guitar World has reposted a 1993 interview where Pantera‘s Dimebag Darrell divulges his 12 favorite songs.

Here is an excerpt:

Here’s a Prime Cuts feature from the March 1993 issue of Guitar World. The original headline was “Diamond Darrell’s Dirty Dozen.”

To see the cover of the March 1993 issue—and all the mag covers from that year—visit our 1993 covers gallery.

Pantera’s six-shooting Texas tornado pumps up his 12 favorite tunes-hair-raising, fist-pumping metal classics that every self-respecting guitarist should know.

You won’t find a shred of jazz, blues, classical, country, funk or alternative guitar playing on any of Pantera’s six albums, including their recent breakthrough efforts, Cowboys from Hell and Vulgar Display of Power (both on Atco). What you will hear is plenty of metal—mean, ornery metal, in the great headbanging spirit of the genre’s forefathers.

You can read the full the interview here.

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